Reentry Program Partnership

Offender programming serves as an essential part of rehabilitation within and upon release from a correctional institution. Effective programs provide opportunities for offender populations at all security levels to develop skills, learn new approaches, and overcome obstacles in their transition back to their communities.

The Reentry Program Oversight Committee (RPOC) is a multi-disciplinary committee that provides oversight for the certification of reentry programs. There are two categories of reentry programs: Reentry Approved Programs and Reentry Supplemental Programs.

Interested in Partnering with ODRC regarding your reentry program?

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) is approached often with various requests regarding reentry programming.  To assist the agency in responding appropriately to these requests, a standardized process for the submission and review of these requests was created.  To facilitate the process, requestors should complete the Community Reentry Program Partnership Request form (DRC4380) to assist the agency in providing a timely and appropriate response to your request.  Step-by-Step instructions for completing the form are provided in the link below.

What ODRC is looking for in your reentry program partnership request

Successful reentry assumes that offenders with high levels of need in criminogenic needs areas will generally be released from prison having completed an appropriate program in domains in which they have an assessed need.  If those programming needs are not met during incarceration, it is anticipated that they can be addressed following release from prison by community program providers or service agencies whether they are on supervision or not.  The information provided by completing the Community Reentry Program Partnership Request will allow DRC to not only be responsive to your requests, but will also allow an informed decision regarding programming strategies for offenders during their incarceration and as they reintegrate back into the community.

What is done with the requests?

All requests will be reviewed by a multidisciplinary committee from the ODRC.  All requests will be catalogued and tracked by the Committee.  A response will be provided as soon as feasible but no later than 60 days following receipt of your request.

Contact Information:

ODRC - Operation Support Center
ATTN:  Office of Reentry
4545 Fisher Road, Suite D
Columbus, Ohio  43228
Phone:  614-752-0627