Workforce Development

Jennifer Sanders, Superintendent


Workforce Development

The Office of Workforce Development was created to train the incarcerated population to build Ohio’s workforce.  Workforce Development, under the purview of the Ohio Central School System within the Office of Holistic Services, collaborates with various state agencies and private sector businesses to offer training and education credentials in transferrable job skills that provide work opportunities to restored citizens.

OED Advisory Board

The Office of Enterprise Development (OED) Advisory Board serves as an objective review and approval body for business proposals submitted to OED. The Advisory Board consists of several appointed members and an exofficio member assigned by the correctional institution inspection committee. Each member has experience and or in-depth knowledge about labor relations, marketing, business management, or business.  For more information on the OED Advisory Board, click here.

OED Approved Programs and Partnerships

Workforce Development has partnered with various private sector businesses to further the mission of successful reentry for the incarcerated adult. For a list of current Approved Programs and Partnerships, click here.  The Office of Workforce Development continues to seek opportunities to partner with private sector businesses.  To establish a partnership, email a completed Partnership Proposal to

Employer Resources

Restored Citizens Resume Program, a collaboration between the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction and Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, secured database of resumes of currently incarcerated individuals and restored citizens.  Access to the secured database is offered to approved employers who wish to participate in the program.  The program is voluntary, and participants may opt in or out at any time.  All resume and employer information remains confidential and is only know by the employers who are vetted and by the individuals who opt into the program.  Employers and individuals who are part of this initiative also maintain full access to all the tools within without being publicly identified as part of the Restored Citizens Program.  For more information on the Restored Citizens Resume Program, click here to watch a brief video, or email

Employer Spotlight Videos, coming soon.

Federal Bonding Program incentive for an employer to hire someone with a felony record. This Federal Bonding Program (FBP) is designed to help a job applicant get and keep a job.  Please review the FBP Brochure and the FBP Application Questionnaire.  For suggestions or additional information on Federal Bonding please email


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