Bureau of Adult Detention

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, through the Bureau of Adult Detention, promotes safe, secure, and humane jails by assisting local officials in their efforts to comply with the "Minimum Standards for Jails in Ohio," and providing them information regarding current trends in technology, operations, construction, and best practices in the area of community corrections. This assistance is accomplished through research, inspections, technical assistance, compliance monitoring, and appropriate support to correct operational and physical barriers that may hinder compliance with minimum standards.

In accordance with ORC 5120.10 and OAC 5120:1-7-01, the Bureau is responsible for:

  • Creating minimum standards for jails
  • The investigation and supervision of county, municipal jails, and workhouses.
  • The inspection of jails to ensure compliance with the "Minimum Standards for Jails in Ohio".
  • Approve plans for the renovation or new construction of jails, workhouses, and municipal lockups.
  • Assist with acquiring funds for the construction and renovation of county, multi-county/municipal jails or workhouses.

The Bureau also provides the following services:

  • Assisting local officials in identifying and correcting deficiencies in their jail facilities or operations.
  • Developing and coordinating technical assistance resources.
  • Formally recognizing those jurisdictions who achieve substantial compliance with the standards.
  • Conduct jail assessments to assist local officials with addressing over-population, operational, or infrastructure issues.
  • Offer vulnerability assessments that identify risk factors in jails that may lead to security breaches.

Jail Inspection Resources


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Working with Local Government

The Bureau of Adult Detention acts as a liaison between the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, local governmental/jail officials, and the community to address jail related issues of mutual concern, in an effort to enhance the operations of jails throughout Ohio. The Bureau also offers local jurisdictions the architectural drawings and specifications for a prototype jail facility assisting them to plan for a "standards-compliant" jail at a reduced operational and construction cost.  The Bureau also serves as a resource to other components of the justice system by providing information about conditions in Ohio jails and participates in efforts that lead to more efficient jail operations. 


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Minimum Standards for Jails in Ohio