Mansfield Religious Services

Chaplain(s): Day Time                    

Damon Butts Sunday-Alternating 7:30-7:00p 

Phone: 419-525-4455 Ext 806-2032  Monday &Wednesday 8:00-8:30p         

Tuesday & Thursday 8:00-4:00p

Friday (alternating) 12:30-3:30p


Jon K. Maas Sunday-Alternating 7:30-7:00p

Phone: 419-525-4455 Ext 806-3204 Monday & Thursday 8:00-4:00p           

Tuesday & Wednesday 8:00-8:30p 

Friday (alternating) 12:30-3:30p



Islamic - Imam Kamal Najib Monday 1:30-3:30p 

Phone: 419-525-4455 Ext 806-3204 Friday 2:30-3:30p         


Catholic - Catholic Parish Saturday 7:30-10:30a

Phone: (419)525-4455 Ext 806-3204 Saturday 1:30-3:30p



Day Time Program

Sunday 8:00-10:15a Protestant Worship

12:30-1:30p Mentoring

5:30-7:30p Protestant Worship - Camp

Monday 9:00-10:30a Reformer’s Unanimous

1:30-3:30p Taleem

5:00-7:00p Jehovah’s Witness- Camp

6:30-8:30p Worship Team Rehearsal

6:30-8:30p Hebrew Studies

Tuesday 9:00-10:30a Bible Study

1:30-2:30p Bible Study

(September-May) 6:30-8:30p Discipleship        

Wednesday 8:40-10:30a Mentoring

1:30-3:30p Bible Study (Last Wednesday of the Month)

6:30-8:30p Worship Team Rehearsal

6:30-8:30p Spanish Studies

6:30-8:30p Bible Study

Thursday 8:30-10:30a Jehovah’s Witness

7:00-8:30p Bible Study - Camp

Friday 2:15-3:30p Jummah

5:00-6:30p Jummah- Camp

6:30-8:30p Bible Study- Camp

Saturday 7:30-10:30a Catholic Mass and Study

1:30-3:30p Catholic Mass and Study- Camp

1st and 3rd 5:00-7:30p Bible Study - Camp

2nd and 4th 5:00-7:30p Stepping UP - Camp