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Inmate Funds

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code section 5120.133 and Ohio Administrative Code 5120-5-03, deposits to an inmate's personal account are subject to collection for debts the inmate may owe.


Inmate rules related to inmate funds:


Only approved (or tentatively approved) visitors may send funds to an inmate in the ODRC. This covers all methods of depositing money including money orders, internet, and telephone. Approved (or tentatively approved) visitors must comply with security verification procedures to ensure that they are on the visiting list.

If you are not an approved visitor, you can download and fill out an application here and mail it the facility where the inmate resides. However, adding a visitor requires the inmate’s approval and must be compliant with DRC Inmate Visitation policy. The process can take 30-60 days.

Inmate Personal Accounts

Up to $200 per transaction and a maximum of $400 per calendar month from an approved (or tentatively approved) visitor may be deposited into an inmate's personal account through any of the following means:

  • MAIL - Approved (or tentatively approved) visitors may make deposits by U.S. Mail through TouchPay Holdings, LLC d/b/a GTL Financial Services (GTLFS). Each money order must be accompanied by the Money Order Deposit form, found on the Ways to Pay page at www.ConnectNetwork.com. Your name on the money order must exactly match your name on the visitor list.
    • Money orders may not exceed $200, unless approved in advance by the institution Warden.  If you need to send more than $200, contact the institution for details on the procedures.
    • You will not be able to send any letters to the inmate with the money order.  Any letters sent to inmates with the money order will be discarded.
    • Please visit www.ConnectNetwork.com for additional information.
  • ONLINE - Approved (or tentatively approved) visitors may deposit funds into a trust account (offender personal account) through the  ConnectNetwork website, available by clicking on the link provided. The ConnectNetwork  website will accept deposits using credit or debit cards. OffenderConnect charges a transaction fee for using this service. The ConnectNetwork  website also allows you to see prior payments and a history of your statements and close your account.   
  • TELEPHONE - Approved (or tentatively approved) visitors may deposit funds by calling toll-free 1-888-988-4PMT (4768), reference Site ID 86 when prompted by the automated attendant. Deposits can be made through the toll-free number using credit or debit cards. There is a transaction fee for using this service.

Funds from an unapproved source, as defined by Administrative Rule 5120-5-02, will not be accepted.

Inmate Telephone Debit Accounts

All offenders may directly pay for the telephone calls they make, using a Pin Debit telephone account.  Funds may be deposited into an offender's Pin Debit phone account through the following means:

  • OFFENDER COMMISSARY - The offender may purchase telephone debit account credits at the prison commissary, using funds from his offender personal account.

Transaction Fees

There is a transaction fee for using these services  Click here for additional information..