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The Corrections Training Academy provides state-of-the-art instruction to department employees and to fellow law enforcement agencies. The curriculum is developed and enhanced with assistance from the Training Advisory Council, the National Institute of Corrections, and others. The courses are coordinated by Corrections Training Academy staff, a well-trained team of professionals, dedicated to providing students individual and professional development opportunities. The curriculum is also supported by many part-time trainers throughout the Department.

New Employee Orientation Training

New Employee Orientation (NEO) training is designed to introduce new correctional employees to the field of corrections and employment as a corrections professional with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

NEO provides basic, standard, and centralized quality training to all new permanent employees for the Department prior to them independently commencing duty at the location for which they have been employed. The core curriculum is comprised of 120 hours of training which begins as a two day orientation period at their worksite. The remaining  104 hours are completed at the Corrections Training Academy. 

The core curriculum is a balance of security and safety related topics in addition to reentry and rehabilitative topic areas.  While some courses are lecture based, the majority of the classes include hands-on practical activities allowing the students to practice what they have learned.

New hires receive their initial unarmed self-defense certification prior to graduating from NEO. 

Non-custody staff must successfully complete the core curriculum of 120 hours and correction officers must successfully complete 160 hours of training to include the core curriculum in addition to firearms certification, CPR certification and an eight-hour transportation and restraint training.

All employees must complete a minimum of 40-hour orientation training at their worksite prior to beginning NEO.  All employees complete on-the-job training upon successful completion of NEO training.

In-Service Training

Academy In-Service training opportunities continue throughout an employee's career. The Corrections Training Academy offers many diverse courses to provide for the needs of the employees and prepare qualified instructors to cascade training to all institution and office sites. The Academy In-Service curriculum includes instruction in the following program areas: Instructional Development; Instructor Trainer; Instructor; Computer Training; and Individual and Professional Development. Courses are offered at the Corrections Training Academy and at various regional sites. Instruction for these programs is provided by CTA staff and Departmental employees with expertise in the topic areas.



Specialized Training

Providing employees the opportunity to grow in their careers is an important function of the Academy. Specialized training curricula include areas such as Executive Leadership; Pre-Retirement seminars; Advanced Medical courses; specialized Mental Health training, quarterly Training Officer sessions; Critical Incident Management. Additionally, courses for special teams (Hostage Negotiations; Special Tactics and Response Team; Riflemen Training; Stress Debriefing Teams) are available.

Ohio Probation Officer Training Program

In June 2011, the 129th General Assembly of the State of Ohio passed House Bill 86 to reduce the cost of corrections while maintaining and enhancing public safety.  HB 86 included provisions to develop minimum standards for the training of adult probation officers.   Research indicates that standardization of training leads to greater professionalism and coordination among officers and between departments.  Furthermore, states that implement training standards for probation officers demonstrate consistency in reducing recidivism and increasing public safety.  For more information on the Ohio Probation Officer Training Program, click here.

Jail and Community Correction Staff Training

As of January 1, 2020 the Corrections Training Academy has migrated to an online registration system, Citizen Portal ( for all Community Corrections and Jail staff to register for all CTA sponsored training.  This is a free service that will allow users to register for classes or cancel registrations, view current course registration, print class confirmations and have access to the system anywhere Internet access is available.  If you have difficulties creating an account or registering for classes, please view the Job Aid or contact  DRC staff are still required to use the Ohio Learn system.

Special Events

The Academy is host to a variety of DRC special events and meetings including recognition banquets, retreats, and large conferences.