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The mission of the Adult Parole Authority is to "aid in the reentry of offenders by partnering with community stakeholders and law enforcement agencies to preserve public safety by holding offenders accountable through diverse supervision strategies and technology." The philosophy of supervision statement for the Field Services section of the APA is to "effectively supervise and provide opportunity for offenders to reenter into law abiding citizenship and to reward, encourage, and promote positive behavior, while holding offenders accountable for negative behavior."



The Field Services Section of the Adult Parole Authority (APA) supervises approximately 27,000 offenders under probation, parole, and other types of community supervision. The State of Ohio is divided into six regions for supervision purposes. APA also provides probation and community control services in part or in full to 52 of Ohio's 88 counties. A regional administrator, unit supervisors, senior officers, parole/probation officers, and support staff work in each region. Field staff in each of the regions are responsible for the following:

  • Promoting public safety
  • Monitoring offender behavior
  • Linking offenders with appropriate services
  • Conducting investigations of supervision violations
  • Networking in the local community
  • Promoting sensitivity to victims’ issues and concerns
  • Offender services network
  • Seeking fugitives/offenders who abscond supervision
  • Field Services Offices
  • APA Monthly Statistics


Present caseloads are approximately 56 offenders per officer. Caseloads may consist of probationersparoleespost release control cases, transitional control, and community control cases.