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Grant rewards and initiatives provide ODRC the opportunity to conduct and evaluate practices often used to help guide the direction of the department. These rewards also offer the opportunity for reinvestment in state resources towards reduced recidivism and increased community safety. Grant funding enhances the department by offering; improved supervision strategies, standards for new and ongoing best practices, employee training and development, and equipment updates.


Grant, and sub-grant, recipients are determined by the program area for which services are rendered. Sub-grants are awarded from Federal or State grants according program(s), as described in the approved grant application. Fiscal management of these grants is administered by the ODRC Office of Grants Management and the Division of Parole and Community Services (DPCS), Bureau of Community Sanctions

ODRC Active Grants

  • OJP FY-16 Innovations in Supervision Initiatives: Justice Involved Young Adult (JIYA) Grant
    • Randomized control trial researching the effects of modified supervision practices on moderate and higher risk justice involved young adults (18 to 24). Modified strategies include decreased caseload sizes for the six identified parole officers, enhanced and young adult offender specific cognitive behavioral trainings, prison in-reach, increased community contacts, unified case plans.
  • BJA FY-16 Justice Reinvestment Initiative Grant
    • ODRC and partnering county agencies are adopting an Automated Telephone Reporting system for low risk offenders in pilot counties. This will allow for decreased caseloads of moderate and higher risk offenders and will allow for more intensive supervision of these higher risk offenders in the community.
  • BJA FY-18 Comprehensive Opioid, Stimulant, and Substance Abuse Site Based Program Grant
    • Through this grant, ODRC is aiming to reduce the impact of opioid use disorder (OUD) in Ohio by providing technology-assisted treatment opportunities for affected people, incarcerated or under supervision, within ODRC. Additional focus will target the efficacy of Virtual Reality (VR) treatment and whether VR treatment is an effective supplement to, or alternative to, traditional treatment methods when traditional methods are unavailable.
  • OCJS FY-18 Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Grant
    • The focus of this grant is a cognitive behavioral treatment model which targets criminogenic needs associated with recidivism and substance abuse. This model will be specific to those offenders who are moderate or high risk according to the Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS).​
  • OCJS FY-20 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant
    • Through this grant, ODRC plans to; Create an online portal where officers can readily access training tools, videos, instructions, and ongoing updated information; Expand current practices by building officer efficacy in criminal justice correctional practices shown to be effective with the target population.