Employee Services Team

“Take care of our staff; they will transform offenders”

The Employee Services Team, a division within Human Resources, that focuses solely on the wellness of staff. The vision of the Employee Services Team is a workforce that fully embraces connection, empathy, and courage. The mission is to uphold departmental values that create a work culture whey all staff feel a sense of belonging and connection.

Employee Peer Support Program

The Employee Peer Support Program provides support for employees and their families to help prevent or lessen the potential negative impact of stress upon an employee. Trained peer support team members, including peers from variety of correctional positions, including but not limited to, mental health professionals, veterans, and chaplains, will provide mental and emotional support through one-on-one discussion, education, family support, immediate support and post incident follow up.  

Confidential services available through the Employee Peer Support Program include: 

  1. Immediate assessment and intervention, 
  2. Providing education on acute trauma related symptoms, 
  3. Offering early intervention crisis survival skills, 
  4. Advocating for the needed intervention and services, 
  5. Identifying needs and specialized resources, 
  6. Assisting with navigation of off-work processes and requirements, 
  7. Connecting the employee with the off-work specialist, 
  8. Assist in obtaining, completing, and submitting necessary personnel paperwork, 

Peers are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Team Rosters can be located in the Captain’s Office of every facility.

To request peer support, confidential emails can be emailed to the peer support email account @ DRC.PEERSUPPORT@odrc.state.oh.us

Team Leaders listed below access this account daily and respond to emails sent to this account. 

Peer Support Team Coordinator: 

Nicolle Wampler, Employee Services Team, Project Manager 


North Region:

Lisa Fernandez


South Region:

David Berenson


Specialty Region:

To be announced. Contact Lisa Fernandez or Nicolle Wampler.






Military Peer Support Team

Employee Peer Support Program’s Military Peer Support Team is a special team comprised of trained employees who serve as or have served in the United State Armed Forces. The Military Peer Support Team aspires to provide comprehensive support and assistance to our DRC military personnel and their families.  Our support team will make every effort to meet the needs of the military member, assist them through deployments and the ensuing transition home and back into the workforce.

The program offers the following core services to DRC military employees:

  • Provide one on one support and assistance through deployments
  • Provide information and updates to the employee during deployment (if requested)
  • Serve as a family contact (upon the employee’s request)
  • Support and assist the service member with the transition following deployment
  • Connect the service member/veteran with resources and services
  • Assist and support any DRC military personnel/veterans and their family when requested
  • Serve as a compassionate, understanding confidant

The Military Peer Support Program connects returning veterans with other veterans (peer members) who have walked down the same path and have experienced challenges following deployment.  For some the transition following deployment is an easy one; for others it is more difficult.   Military Peer Support is designed to supplement services already being provided by the military and the Veterans Administration. 

Post-deployment difficulties may not surface for months following integration back into civilian life.  The goal of the Military Peer Support Team is to make a connection with the service member and establish a long term supportive and trusting relationship. The purpose of establishing this relationship is to create a comfort level which will enable the service member to reach out for assistance and support if they are having difficulties.  The existence of the common military experience aids in establishing this trusting relationship. The Military Peer Support Team will provide support services to any employee with issues related to military service regardless of the length of time since the service. 

Military Peer Support Team Leader information:

Jason Heard | Jason.Heard@odrc.state.oh.us



Employees, check out the Employee Services Intranet sit for additional resources at http://intra/index2.php?id=479.