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The OSR Four

The OSR Four

A documentary was created by the ODRC Communications office, “Back Inside OSR”.  The video revisits the former facility (now historic site) and details facets of prison operations during a past era in Ohio Corrections.

Along with Director Mohr, four former Ohio State Reformatory employees participated in the production of the video. The contributing employees share over 122 years of experience within the ODRC.

In an initiative to recapture the penitentiary’s history and gain some perspective to the prison environment of the times, Carla Benard (RiCI), Michelle Bethea (ManCI), Donald Seymour (ManCI), and Tim Milligan (ManCI) provided  accounts of their past experiences at OSR.  The compelling stories that they chronicled throughout the feature illuminated the progression of corrections over the past three decades.

The Ohio State Reformatory closed it’s doors on New Year’s Eve 1990.

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