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Offenders Donate to Church food Pantry

Offenders Donate to Church food Pantry

Pastor Mark Plegge came to the Ohio Reformatory for Women.  He is one of two pastors at the Abundant Life Fellowship Church located in Columbiana County, Ohio.   The church operates a food pantry that serves a 50-60 mile radius in the area of residents who rely on the volunteer operated food pantry.  The food pantry last year alone served over 86,000 pounds of food to those less fortunate.  Pastor Plegge stated that every $1 that is donated to the food pantry will buy $11.00 worth of food through the 501 3C operated program.  He noted that 38.6 percent of the residents that use the food pantry are single mothers.  Pastor Plegge stated the food pantry which has been in existence for the past 35 years has never received such a large donation of money.  Offenders that live in the Lincoln unit, the Life Group and Time Group members donated a total of $4,139.67 to the food pantry.   Mr. Plegge indicated that the amount of money donated to the food pantry will serve well over 500 family meals for the economically challenged area that are in need.  The Church is located in New Waterford, Ohio which is located about 25 minutes south of Youngstown, Ohio.

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