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RICI Inspector Honored with Image Award

RICI Inspector Honored with Image Award

It has been often said that the highest form of praise is recognition from your own peers.  RiCI Inspector Kelly Rose was recently honored with such distinquishment.   

During an annual ODRC Inspector’s meeting, much to Kelly’s surprise he was announced as the recipient of the 2017 Image Award for Inspector of the Year.  The award is issued annually by the ODRC Chief Inspector’s office to a deserving employee for their exemplary contributions as an Institutional Inspector.

Beyond his diligence to his duties, last year Kelly oversaw the piloting of the automated grievance system (via JPAY) at RiCI.  Kelly’s efforts were pivotal towards implementing a more efficient procedure for offenders to file grievances.  The process was well received by both staff and inmates at Richland Correctional.  The automated system is now being utilized within 26 ODRC facilities.  The successful implementation of this process couldn’t have taken place without Mr Rose’s hard work, patience and continual communication will those involved.  Kelly indicated that the early stages of piloting the grievance system would have been impossible without the help of co-workers, particularly Latasha Windham (RiCI Administrative Assistant).   Latasha was described as the “backbone of the operation” and a contributor towards the entire process. 

Kelly was also acknowledged for his continual mentoring and assistance to fellow Inspectors with the agency.   The twenty-one year employee is one of the most seasoned Inspectors within the ODRC and is appreciated for his knowledge and experience. 

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