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Combat Veteran Addresses Military Preparation Unit Graduation

Combat Veteran Addresses Military Preparation Unit Graduation

Belmont Correctional Institution (BeCI) graduated five offenders from its one-of-a-kind Military Preparation Unit.  The 90-day program is designed to prepare current offenders for post incarceration military service.  Graduates must complete and pass both the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) and score high enough on the physical fitness test to qualify for military service. 

Addressing the graduates was Army Combat Veteran Dirk Harkin.  Dirk spoke to the group about how he went from a blue color coal miner to a combat veteran.  He discussed his troubles adjusting to life after his service in dealing with injuries and addictions.  But most importantly, Dirk had a message of hope and faith in telling his amazing story.  Dirk expressed how his faith and church family pulled him from a very dark place into the light of life.  He challenged the group to turn the page in their life’s book to a brighter future.  

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