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NCI Offenders Donate to Hurricane Relief

NCI Offenders Donate to Hurricane Relief

This year’s hurricane season devastated many areas of the United States.  As a result, inmates from Noble Correctional Institution came together to give back to the communities that have taken a hit by the storms. The NCI inmate groups led by the Inside Out Dads Alumni raised $700 by selling food to the inmate population.  Inmate Robinson stated “Myself and the Inside Out Dad’s alumni on behalf of NCI Inmate Groups and the National Fatherhood Initiative looked forward to having the opportunity to contribute charitable efforts that demonstrate love and generosity towards others, even while we remain incarcerated for our crimes.  With tons of enthusiasm and interest we jumped at the opportunity to help raise a contribution, not only in monetary value but with our thoughts and prayers as well. When we are given the opportunity to do things like this, it gives us a chance to feel a little self-worth and gives us the ability to have something to tell our children about that will make them proud.”

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