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LorCI Holiday Luncheon

LorCI Holiday Luncheon

Lorain Correctional Institution’s  Employee Activity Committee (EAC) held their annual Holiday Carry-In for staff to celebrate the Holiday Season!  EAC supplied pizza, chicken and drinks while various staff brought a dish to share with their fellow co-workers.  During the luncheon Warden Clipper acknowledge several staff members for perfect attendance as well as presented a few staff with an LorCI Challenge coin.  The Challenge coin was developed by Warden Clipper to be presented to staff who have gone above and beyond and deserve special recognition.  These coins are not easily obtained and those staff who have obtained one hold them dear to their heart.  A little friendly challenge has even developed among the staff where they challenge each other to have their coin on them and if someone does not then they buy lunch for those that do. 

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