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RiCI Offers Photovoltaic Course

RiCI Offers Photovoltaic Course

RiCI became the first ODRC facility to become certified as a training site offering photovoltaic (PV) training for the offender population. Photovoltaics is a process in which light is converted into electricity using semiconducting materials.

Thus far, five RiCI offenders have successfully completed the photovoltaic course and passed the Electronics Technician Association (ETA) examination. The graduates were sponsored by the Wayne County Sustainable Energy Network. During the course of this 12-week program, students learn basic photovoltaic design and how to install solar panels. The coursework includes textbook study and a host of lab exercises.  Five current students are slated to become the second group of graduates.  The participants are scheduled to take the ETA exam this upcoming January (2018).  The implementation of the Photovoltaic program was a direct results of the efforts of Jay Warmke (Co-owner of Blue Rock Station), Fred Michel (Professor at OSU-Wooster), and Beverly Baxter (RiCI-Case Manager).

Potential participants within the photovoltaic course must be assigned to the reintegration unit.  The inaugural group of photovoltaic students were recognized at the most recent Re-integration phase graduations.   The re-entry phase graduations take place biannually at RiCI.  Inmates assigned to the reintegration unit are recognized for completing (up to) six specific programming phase cycles.  Relatives are welcomed to attend these graduations.  

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