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Offender Led Program has Participants Feeling “WHOLE”

Offender Led Program has Participants Feeling “WHOLE”

Offender led program has been growing in momentum throughout the ODRC.  RiCI has been a leader within the agency with this initiative.   The WHOLE program is one example of these invaluable programs.  Participants in this program are taught to “unlearn” negatives and replace the mindset with pro-social skills that should yield better life results.  Goals of the program include giving offenders the critical skills needed to rebuild his dysfunctional perspective of self and teach skills to lead a more productive lifestyle.

The WHOLE program was implemented earlier this year and the first group of gentlemen have recently completed the inaugural program.  The program graduates celebrated their collective success during a celebration that involved key note speaker Malik Bacchus (Campus Coach for Open Doors Academy) addressed the group and challenged them to make difference in their respective communities upon release.

RiCI Deputy Warden Michael Wicker, who serves as the Program Chairman, reminded those in attendance of the four aspects of the program; Manhood, Education, Family/Community, and Going Home to Stay.

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