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Inmate Art Club at CCI

Inmate Art Club at CCI

Working behind the walls of a correctional facility can be a very stressful chosen career. But every now and then as a staff person, you will see the men incarcerated do some amazing and great things that make it all worthwhile.  Dave Mitten and Seth Wright are both teachers at the Chillicothe Correctional Institution as well as being the volunteer advisors for the Inmate Art Club. Both teachers have volunteered for this extra duty for quite a few years and oversee the amazing artwork completed by the men at CCI. They create works of art through water colors, pencil drawings and charcoal drawings, just to name a few of the mediums used. One man recently created bead work containing over 135,000 beads and he reported it took 500 hours over an eight-month time span. The art club provides an outlet for the men and as “James” stated, “It’s a great way to relieve stress and pass the time”. Each year the club members present an art show to everyone at the institution that enables them to showcase their hard work and achievements. There is a never-ending waiting list to become a member of this great club, due in part, to the great advisors CCI is fortunate enough to have as volunteers! 

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