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LeCI QUEST Focuses on Men Taking Responsibility

LeCI QUEST Focuses on Men Taking Responsibility

Volunteers from Crossroads and The Four-Seven held a one-day retreat at Lebanon Correctional Institution (LeCI) called “Quest” focusing on the roles and responsibilities of men and the role faith plays in that process.

Throughout the day, men took inspiration from Brian Tome’s book “Five Marks of a Man” and Stephen Mansfield’s “Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men”. Topics such as fatherhood, friendship, relationships, community, responsibility and more were discussed as volunteers shared their experiences and stories with the men in attendance.

“I’ve made a lot of bad choices, and I’ve let a ton of people down,” one participant shared. “This event, along with our Thursday night Crossroads meetings, continues to help me better understand my role as a father, husband, son and friend. I had no idea what it really meant to be a man, and because of that I dropped the ball with everyone I knew. Today, I’m taking the steps needed to be someone different – someone better that can be relied on.”

“Quest” is an eight-hour program that is structured with community-building group discussions and Christian-based teachings. The day concluded with baptisms of seven men, as well.

Crossroads and The Four-Seven provide inside education at LeCI through weekly programs such as Crossroads Anywhere, Building Success: Personal and Professional, The God Experiment, Undivided, Getting It Right and more.

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