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Managing Director Conducts Use of Force

Managing Director Conducts Use of Force

Managing Director Ed Voorhies came to Lorain Correctional Institution to conduct Use of Force training.  Several staff members from LorCI, GCI and NEPRC attending the training that was broken down into two sessions.  During the training Mr. Voorhies spoke on the importance of Threat Assessment and proper response to a Use of Force situation.  He stressed the importance of officer safety in these critical situations.  During his presentation he spoke of a few situations where poor threat assessment was made and how that situation could have been handled differently.  After the training, many staff members commented on how useful this training was to them and how much they learned during the training session.  It is always a pleasure to have Mr. Voorhies at the facility.  He is a wealth of knowledge and a great presenter who keeps his audience’s attention!

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