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RiCI/OSP Officers Honored with DRC Impact Award

RiCI/OSP Officers Honored with DRC Impact Award

Two Correction Officers, one from Ohio State Penitentiary and one Richland Correctional Institution, were honored by Director Mohr with the ODRC Impact Award.  C.O. Natalie Magee (OSP) and C.O. Nicole Herring (RiCI) were recognized for continual efforts they've made towards facilitating Crisis Intervention Training for staff throughout the agency.  The award recipients have been critical in ODRC's success in implementing CIT for the department.  To date, over 200 students have completed the training.  Previously, both employees were selected as "2017 CIT Co-Coordinators of the Year."  That award is issued by the National Alliance on Mentally Illness (NAMI).  

A major tenant of the training is to help the participants in attaining a better understanding of mental illness and ways to divert crisis through de-escalating situations that could become quickly volatile if not handled appropriately.  Ms. Magee and Ms. Herring efforts to provide their fellow peers the tools to appropriately respond in hostile moments is invaluable and impactful beyond measure.

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