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Impact Awards for CIT

Impact Awards for CIT

The award recipients Natalie Magee (OSP) and Nicole Herring (RiCI) have been critical in ODRC’s success in implementing CIT for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.  Specifically, they have assisted in planning, coordinating, implementing and tracking the ODRC CIT rollout statewide. 

Collectively these individuals have taught all of the CIT classes to date which has included over 400 students over the course of 11 training sessions.  Staff participating in the CIT training are educated on issues often encountered with the mentally ill within institutions.  A major tenant of the training is to help the participants in attaining a better understanding of mental illness and ways to divert crisis through de-escalating situations that could become quickly volatile if not handled appropriately. Interactive activities are a component of these trainings, which included scenario based exercises that are designed to challenge the students with realistic type situations in which they may be faced with back at their Institutions.

The recognized employees are not only the faces of CIT at the local level, they’ve continually represented ODRC’s CIT initiative at the State level.  They both currently serve on the departments Special Operations Hostage Negotiations Team and assist their Institutions with CRT and ICS programs.  As ambassadors for the program, they have been asked to sacrifice personal time away from their family and institutions to travel to other facilities throughout Ohio to train fellow ODRC employees.  As effective presenters, it has been noted that the students are fully engaged during the training sessions.   

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