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LoCI Presents Impact Awards

LoCI Presents Impact Awards

Lt. Tabitha Killian, Officers Teia Bankston, Joshua Brannigan, JoBeth Graham and Nurse Robert Young recently received the DRC Impact Award for saving the life of an inmate.

An inmate collapsed in front of the Recreation Building.  Officer Bankston was the first responder and immediately noticed that the inmate was not breathing.  She began first aid compressions.  Lt. Killian and Officers Brannigan and Graham responded to the scene and began clearing the other inmates out of the area and assisting Officer Bankston with CPR.  Nurse Young responded and placed the AED machine on the inmate and first aid was continued until which time the emergency squad arrived.

It was later learned that the inmate had a blood clot in his artery and the actions of the above staff clearly saved his life.  Warden Noble stated that the responsiveness of the staff was textbook and they should be commended.

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