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Rob Jeffreys is the William H. Hastie Award Recipient

Rob Jeffreys is the William H. Hastie Award Recipient

Congratulations to one of the Ohio NABCJ members, Rob Jeffreys, he is the recipient of the William H. Hastie Award.  This award is for national leadership in the field of criminal justice and presented to the individual who has affected change in policy, or has excelled in a leadership role nationally in the criminal justice area. The award is named after the first African American appointed to the bench in 1937 by President Franklin Roosevelt. 

Rob was recognized at the 44th Annual Dr. Bennett J. Cooper Awards Banquet in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The Ohio NABCJ members were very proud that they were able to recognize and acknowledge the great work that is being done in Ohio by Ohioans.  Dr. Bennett J. Cooper is definitely proud of the work that Ohio is doing and continues to do in carrying out his legacy and the organization that he founded.


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