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APA Sends Parole Officers to Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)

APA Sends Parole Officers to Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)

The Adult Parole Authority (APA) began sending parole officers to Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) about a decade ago. In collaboration with ODRC’s Statewide CIT Steering Committee, APA Superintendent Katrina Ransom held a kick-off refresher course in an effort to revitalize the utilization of CIT skills. Ransom also hopes to spread enthusiasm about CIT and its many benefits throughout the APA as she has set a new goal of training 25% of her workforce in the response model that is known nationally as a best practice for working with individuals who have mental illness. Managing Director Cynthia Mausser addressed the group to lend her support of growing CIT in the APA.

The one-day training was provided to parole officers who had previously completed the 40-hr certification training. Participants brushed up on information about active listening and de-escalation facilitated by Tom King, an experienced hostage negotiator and current advocate for victims of crime. Ransom and Suzanne Brooks, a parole program administrator, spoke with the participants about how CIT will be incorporated into policy and what type of leadership will be required to help APA reach their goals.

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