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LoCI has Baby Kestrel Falcons

LoCI has Baby Kestrel Falcons

The P.R.O.O.F program has had another successful year! In May 2015, LoCI in partnership with Dick Tuttle, Tolles Technical Center and the Ohio Department of Wildlife initiated the Prisoners Restoring Ohio’s Owls and Falcons (PROOF) conservation program. The Tolles students constructed four Kestrel falcon boxes as their 2015 spring project. These nesting boxes were installed throughout the LoCI property.  Last year, the nests produced eight hatchlings.  This year, the two pairs of mating Kestrel falcons laid nests in two of the boxes. One nest hatched four baby Kestrel falcons and the other hatched five baby Kestrel falcons.  Dick Tuttle banded each chick with a tag issued by the US Department of Fish and Wildlife. The Kestrel babies are healthy and eating heartily. Kestrel Falcons prey upon mice, large insects and smaller birds. The next phase of the program will be to install Barn Owl boxes in several LoCI barns. The Ohio Barn Owl is a threatened species due to the decline in habitat. Barn Owls are rare to absent in West Central Ohio. Through the PROOF program, it is hoped to re-introduce these beautiful birds within Madison County.

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