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RICI Offenders Honor Veterans

RICI Offenders Honor Veterans

A large group of RiCI offenders took time to honor American Veterans and Patriots during an Independence Day ceremony.  Offenders in attendance were reminded that Independence Day wasn’t established for cookouts and fireworks, rather to pay homage to Veterans and Patriots who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms as a country. The ceremony was coordinated by the SMART program.   The SMART program (Structured Military Advanced Readiness Training) was established at RiCI in 2015 as an extension of the IVA (Incarcerated Veterans of America).  The group consists of men who’ve made a daily commitment towards living a disciplined, principled, structured lifestyle.   A significant portion of the membership consist of veterans.  Objectives of this group include an emphasis towards changing their mind, body and spirit.  Additionally, service doesn’t end after the military.  Former military service isn’t required for membership, however there are requirements that include a physical training component and a positive disciplinary record.  Members of the program are required to participate in various programs related to Civics, Academics, Solar Energy conservation and Flag education. 

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