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Akron and Cleveland APA Regions' Leadership Conference

Akron and Cleveland APA Regions' Leadership Conference

The Akron and Cleveland Adult Parole Authority Regions managed by; Regional Administrator Michael Beebe and Regional Administrator Steve Vukmer respectively, met for the 2nd annual Leadership Conference.  The picturesque location, Wingfoot Lake State Park, located in Mogadore, Ohio was successfully secured being fiscally responsible through the hard work and collaboration of Akron staff members Alice Barr and Renee Geras who were able to secure it without cost to the citizens of Ohio. During the two (2) days, several keynote speakers including, but not limited to; ODRC Director Gary C. Mohr, Managing Director of Court and Community Cynthia Mausser, Northeast Regional Director Todd Ishee, Managing Director of Organizational Development Ed Banks, Managing Director Of Operations Ed Voorhies and Chief Inspector Roger Wilson presented to both regions’ leadership staff not only the continued mission and vision of the ODRC and the APA, but the future of the agencies’ collaborative efforts of keeping the citizens of Ohio safer. The focus of the conference was how to become an effective leader within corrections and continuing to “make others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.” Director Mohr not only presented an impact award to Oriana House Program Manager, Deanna Brutto, for her key role to help solve the Barberton triple homicide, but also inspired us to effectuate change.

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