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RiCI  Provides Hollywood Décor for Prom

RiCI Provides Hollywood Décor for Prom

For the third consecutive year,  RiCI inmates assisted an area high school with decorations for Prom.   Bucyrus High School requested the assistance of RiCI inmates with creating a “Great Gatsby” décor for their Prom.    Beginning in January, a group of RiCI inmates began utilizing their talents to convert cardboard into various forms of decorations.  Over 3,000 hours of community service was devoted to complete the project.

The faculty of Bucyrus High School have been in communication with RiCI Unit Staff since the time of the Prom.  From all accounts, the local community, families, students, and staff enjoyed the decorations immensely.  They also were impressed with the artistic talent that from  Richland Correctional Institution.  Mr Eslick (RiCI Unit Manager) has been commended for his efforts in coordinating the work for Bucyrus High School.

RiCI inmates have now assisted various area high schools with creating decorations for Prom Night and Homecoming festivities.  RiCI inmates have demonstrated a great deal of versatility and creativity with these projects, as last year’s theme was “Classic Hollywood”.

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