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Warden Presented with Patriot Award

Warden Presented with Patriot Award

It’s not every day that a Warden is presented an award from one of his staff members.  During one of the morning meetings at TOCI, Warden Coleman was presented with the Patriot Award for his continued support of his military staff members by Mr. Robert Lucas from ESGR. Mr. Lucas said, “Supportive employers like Warden John Coleman are vital to the success of our mission and the defense of this nation.  Our Guard and Reserve members could not perform their military duty without knowing their civilian employers support them 100 percent”.  SSG Keith who works at TOCI stated, “Warden Coleman supports my decision to be in the National Guard. He always inquires following a drill weekend and asks if I need help with any issues. As a former Guard member, Warden Coleman has an understanding of the challenges of both employers and service members who have dual responsibilities.”

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