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RiCI Implements Bee-Keeping Program

RiCI Implements Bee-Keeping Program

Recently, the staff and offenders at Richland Correctional Institution have implemented a Bee-Keeping program. A grant provided by the North-End Community Improvement Collaborative (NECIC) was instrumental in the development of this program. Funds from the grant were used towards purchasing essential equipment, to include bee suits, veils, and other essential hive maintenance tools.  Currently, three bee hives are in place that are being maintained by a group of RiCI offenders.  The Bee Keeping program is a 10 week program (five weeks of classroom training, five weeks of direct bee-keeping). The RiCI offenders and staff are grateful to the Queen Right Colonies (provided the bees), NECIC and Lorain Correctional Institution, which previously granted RiCI staff the opportunity to benchmark the Bee-Keeping program at that facility. The proposal for this program was approved by former RiCI Warden Margaret Bradshaw, and the program now has the full support of current RiCI Warden, Dave Marquis.

The Bee Keeping program is a reintegration based program, eligible to offenders assigned to RiCI’s reintegration unit. This program is the most recent addition to an extensive list of job training opportunities that’s available to offenders at Richland Correctional.

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