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CRC Employee Week

CRC Employee Week

The Correctional Reception Center hosted its annual employee week.  This is one of those unique opportunities where the executive staff and the employee activity committee clear their schedules and roll up their sleeves and get things done to serve those that work so hard each and every day.

Employee week kicked off on Monday morning around 5:00am with staff being served donuts, coffee, and juice. Glazed Krispy Crème donuts who could go wrong.

Tuesday the 2017 Correctional Officer of the Year R. Crago joined several veteran staff on the grill to pull off what was questionably some of the best ribeye’s that we have ever had on employee week. As you can imagine when the grills were fired up and started kicking off some smell good flavors it attracted the locals. Mr. C. Bradley.

Wednesday CRC's staff gathered in the chapel for the employee recognition ceremony. The banquet was opened with a beautiful display of the posting of the colors by CRC's Honor Guard followed by recognition for perfect attendance, years of service pin presentations, and lastly the announcement that T. Dray is CRC’s 2017 Employee of the Year.

Thursday it was back to the kitchen as Warden Smith learned what all the secret ingredients were in Jason Retherford’s magic fish fry batter.

On Friday CRC’s employee week wrapped up with the serving of caramel popcorn and a pint of Velvet Ice cream.  Just got to love that sweet and salty mix.

Warden Smith closed out the week with a personal video to the staff at CRC stating, “I would like to take this time to thank all my staff here at CRC for their dedication and hard work not only for this week but for what they do on a daily basis.”

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