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RICI Applauds Recent CDL Graduates

RICI Applauds Recent CDL Graduates

Richland Correctional Institution (RiCI) is one of two ODRC facilities that offers the Commercial Drivers License (CDL) program.  Recently, four offenders graduated from the CDL program at RiCI. The new graduates have joined a growing list of current/former RiCI offenders who have graduated from the program.  In 2016, 41 offenders successfully graduated from the CDL program and to date over 130 have graduated at RiCI.

The CDL class in conjunction with Capital Transportation runs four weeks- 40 hours instructional and 120 hours road driving and parking lot maneuverability. Once a group of offenders complete the program, a graduation ceremony takes place, often relatives of the offenders attend the graduations. 

Since 2015, 91% of the program graduates have gone on to successfully attain their CDL license. Many of the past RiCI graduates are now civilians who are employed with the PI&I trucking company. 


Representatives from RiCI and Capital Transportation commend the recent graduates of the CDL program.                                                                                                                                               

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