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RCI's Going Home for Good Program

RCI's Going Home for Good Program

The “Going Home for Good” program at RCI had a Program Facilitator Recognition Banquet to acknowledge those offenders that contribute to the success of the Restorative Unit. Each Inmate Program Facilitator was permitted to invite two family members to attend the ceremony. Ed Voorhies, Managing Director of Operations was the guest speaker along with Irene Lyons (Program creator). Several inmate representatives from the program gave speeches about what the program meant to them including one restored citizen who had been released from RCI. All the Program Facilitators were recognized for their contributions to the unit.

The Going Home for Good program is a restorative unit focused on restoring offenders being released from a level 3 facility to the streets. The program focuses on job readiness, community service, and cognitive skill training aimed at giving these offenders the skills they need to go home and stay home.

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