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Impact Award Given to Kelly Riehle

Impact Award Given to Kelly Riehle

Kelly Riehle, Chief Inspector's Office was asked to lead the agency’s participation in the statewide Combined Charities Campaign.  Despite a challenging workload, Kelly accepted the assignment with enthusiasm.  The 2016 Combined Charitable goal for ODRC was set at $350,000.00.  In November 2016, we learned that we had exceeded our goal by more than $13,000.00. This marks the first year since 2013 that we have exceeded our goal.  In addition, we increased our participation from 8.7% to 9.2%.  Kelly humbly downplays her role and attributes this year’s success to the hard work of all of the institution and APA regional coordinators. Twenty three of the 34 institutions and APA regions exceeded the amount they gave in 2015.  Kelly put processes in place to improve performance which included maintaining frequent communication with the coordinators and to be on hand to answer questions and provide support whenever they needed assistance.  This intensive engagement helped to emphasize our agency commitment and get the necessary buy-in at the local level.

Kelly clearly developed a passion for the campaign and already started work here at OSC for the 2017 campaign.  Last year she was asked frequently to set individual institution goals.  While she didn’t set any last year, preferring to let the institutions set their own goals, for 2017 she is already busy developing goals for the institutions and APA regions.  She is also working on ways to improve visibility of the campaign to all our staff and to increase participation.  Kelly also came up with the idea for the donor gifts to be fabricated by ODRC inmates for the 2017 campaign.  It is believed these gifts will be utilized statewide.

Kelly says, “ultimately it is our aim to exceed our goal again next year, remembering that the organizations that receive the donor dollars provide valuable services to all citizens of Ohio.”   

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