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Toledo Correctional Institution Welcomes Kairos

Toledo Correctional Institution Welcomes Kairos

Toledo Correctional Institution recently held their 28th Kairos weekend.  There were 30 inside participants and over 45 outside Kairos volunteers from all over Northwest Ohio.  The volunteers were able to share meals, stories, provide guidance, and hope for all of the men involved.  The entire institution was blessed with having over 5,000 dozen cookies to share and spread the Kairos message.  During the retreat the inside men were able to learn things about themselves, that many felt they would have never known had it not been for Kairos.  The final day of the weekend there was a closing ceremony where the inside men shared their experiences.  One participant stated, “this was an emotional time that allowed me to become closer to God” during his testimony and similar expressions of gratefulness drew great applause. At this ceremony over 75 outside guests attended, as well as nearly 100 Kairos graduates.  The fellowship and support provided by this huge support system was evident at ToCI that day.  The weekend closed as the gymnasium was filled with songs of praise and participants standing arm in arm. 

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