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Focus on the NERC Pilot Dog Program

Focus on the NERC Pilot Dog Program

Recently, volunteers from Pilot Dogs, Inc. of Columbus, Ohio paid a visit to NERC to check on the progress of the six dogs participating in the Puppy Raiser Program at NERC under the supervision of program advisor, CO Denise Kothe.

Residents are assigned to live with the puppies for the first year of their assigned puppy’s life. The residents spend an enormous amount of time teaching the puppy to have good manners in as many situations and environments as possible. This is the start of a successful Pilot Dog. During their visit the residents conducted Westminster-Style demonstrations to highlight how well the NERC puppies are doing.  In the next few months these puppies will move on and go back to a brand new facility located at 577 West Town Street in Columbus where they will undergo further training before being given their permanent home with a person that has been waiting all year for their dog and companion.  Anyone interested in participating in fund raisers for this organization can visit for more information.

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