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CIT Graduates Challenged to Advocate

CIT Graduates Challenged to Advocate

March marked the conclusion of the third session of Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training for DRC employees.  This is the second session of CIT training that was conducted  in the Mansfield area. A total of 29 staff from ManCI, NCCC and RiCI participated in this recent training. 

As always, interactive activities were a component of the training, which included scenario based exercises that took place at the Historic Ohio State Reformatory site. Staff participating in the CIT training were educated on issues often encountered with the mentally ill within institutions.  A staple of this training is teaching the participants to grasp a better understanding of mental illness and effective, safe ways to divert crisis through de-escalating situations that could become quickly volatile if not handled appropriately.

At the conclusion of the training, the graduates of the  class were congratulated by DRC Executive staff, which included, Program Administrator Tracy Almanson-Murphy, Managing Director Ed Voorhies, Northwest Regional Director David Bobby, ManCI Warden Al Lazaroff, and RiCI Warden Dave Marquis.

During the graduation ceremony, Mr Voorhies spoke with the students and challenged them to become advocates for Crisis Intervention training because of its effectiveness and the skills gained from the training which can lead to safer resolutions to potentially hostile situations.   Warden Lazaroff was also honored by the group as he approaches his upcoming retirement.

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