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Toledo Correctional Inmates Delve into Ohio’s Black History

Toledo Correctional Inmates Delve into Ohio’s Black History

Inmates at Toledo Correctional Institution took place in an essay writing contest in honor of Black History Month. A display in the housing block showcased many notable African Americans from Ohio. Each participant chose a noteworthy African American that interested them and researched their lives and achievements. What began as an activity in education into the history of our state, quickly turned into a source of inspiration for the offenders involved. Many spoke of perseverance and persistence in their essays, and a desire to make an impact in their communities like the individuals they researched had done. In a quote from the winning essay, “Carl Burton Stokes is proof that black poor men can rise above poverty and become productive members of society. His legacy will be embedded in our hearts and minds as people like us strive to walk in his likeness.”

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