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Lorain Correctional Honor Guard Supports NERC Military Program Graduation

Lorain Correctional Honor Guard Supports NERC Military Program Graduation

Members of the Lorain Correctional Institution (LorCI) Honor Guard provided Honors as the Northeast Reintegration Center's (NERC) Military Unit Class of 2016 held its graduation ceremony for 28 residents who successfully completed the programming.

At the request of former warden Sherry Clouser, the graduates were permitted to invite family members to attend the ceremony, which opened with an invocation by Inter-Faith Dorm Resident Ardana Jones and featured a performance by the Silent Choir. NERC Program Specialist Tuniesha Gibson addressed the graduates and challenged them to apply the principles and values that they learned in the program in order to be successful in every aspect of their lives.

The Military Program provides residents opportunity to learn about structure, discipline, and stability.  Leadership and teamwork also play a vital role in the program. The drills and physical training keep the mind and body fit and healthy. By instilling core values, it helps the recruits be respectful of peers and staff. The women are taught leadership skills that apply to their daily lives. The residents learn to develop courage to overcome any obstacles including the obstacle that brought them to prison.

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