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Men Enlightening Youths of Today at WCI

Men Enlightening Youths of Today at WCI

M.E.Y.O.T (Men Enlightening Youths of Today) was created to be an inmate organization within the prison system, designed to help inmates while incarcerated start the process of change.  M.E.Y.O.T. started at Warren Correctional Institution in May of 2013.  M.E.Y.O.T.'s mission (rescinding the patterns of recidivism) is to provide an atmosphere conducive for creating a positive mental attitude in those who are incarcerated and will be returning home from incarceration.  M.E.Y.O.T. has a 10-week curriculum dealing with Addiction, The Addictive Belief System, Addictive Cycle and Anger.  Through a sequence of lectures, presentations, guest speakers, in a class room setting, where oral and written exams are given to measure guys comprehension and retention. WCI recently hosted a banquet where 14 graduates received their certificates from this program. Judge Walter Rice, United States District Court, Southern District of Ohio was the guest speaker. 

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