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ODRC Medicaid Pre-Release Enrollment Program - Celebrating Milestones

ODRC Medicaid Pre-Release Enrollment Program - Celebrating Milestones

Gary Mohr, ODRC Director along with the Operation Support Medicaid Team, and representatives from the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) celebrated the “ODRC Medicaid Pre-Release Enrollment Program” at the Ohio Reformatory for Women (ORW), the location where the program began.  The milestones include but not limited to:

·         September 2014 – the partnership between Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation (ODRC) strengthened as we began to enroll our first group of offenders (less than 20) into Medicaid prior to their release at ORW.  

·         November 2016, all 27 Ohio Prisons offer this program; at least ninety days prior to release, all inmates are educated about the need to be insured and offered the opportunity to enroll into Medicaid and select a Managed Care Plan prior to release.

 Roni Burkes, Warden provided opening remarks and encouraged Director Mohr to send new initiatives ORW’s way!  Warden Burkes indicated her team of dedicated correctional professionals have the drive and determination to embrace programs like the Medicaid Pre-Release Enrollment Program in the hopes they (ORW staff) can enhance the lives of the incarcerated and positively impact Ohio communities.           

Director Mohr memorialized the event by presenting John McCarthy, ODM Director with a themed quilt “Restoring Hope & Families” and an Impact Award with the inscription, “At any time anyone can be the most important person in any organization.”   Gary stated, “ODRC is in the people business, Director McCarthy and his team’s willingness to enroll inmates into Medicaid prior to release, positively impacts our organization; allowing us (ODRC) to have additional tools to support offenders successful reintegration back into society.”  

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