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Storybook Project Ministry at Dayton Correctional

Storybook Project Ministry at Dayton Correctional

Volunteers from Epiphany Lutheran Church in Centerville, Ohio provides the StoryBook project to the women of DCI. In this project, the women choose books that are appropriate for their children and record those books onto a CD, along with a personal message of love for the child. The books and CDs are then mailed to the children so they can hear their mother’s voice and know that they are loved and missed.  

Who benefits from this project?

* The children because their parent is sending them much needed love by way of a recorded book while they are separated.  

* The inmates because they are given an opportunity to communicate with their children in a meaningful and non- threatening way and feeling good about themselves in the process.

* The caregivers of the children who are encouraged by the love that is sent, not only to the children, but to the entire family while their loved one is in prison.

* The volunteers who receive a great deal of gratitude from the inmates. 

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