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AOCI Offers Mental Health First Aid Class

AOCI Offers Mental Health First Aid Class

A group of men recently completed the Mental Health First Aid USA class.  Mental Health First Aid aims to teach a person how to respond in a mental health emergency and offer support to someone who appears to be in emotional distress.  AOCI staff members Brooke Featheringham and Jodi Factor received certification to teach the 8 hour course along with other members from the Allen county community with the support of Partnership for Violence Free Families. 

 The class is taught several times a year at AOCI and those completing the class earn a certificate and are entered in a national data base sponsored by Mental Health First Aid USA- National Council for Behavioral Health.  The class is also provided to Allen, Hardin and Putnam county citizens in such areas as social work, law enforcement, schools, churches and local colleges.  “Mental Health issues affect all aspects of society in some way, shape and form.  It’s estimated that about one in five Americans will experience a medically diagnosed mental disorder in any given year.”   It is hoped that the men completing the course will be able to use the information while at AOCI and also when they return to the community.  

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