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OSP 2016 Health Fair

OSP 2016 Health Fair

The Ohio State Penitentiary (OSP) held a health fair at the OSP Camp and the OSP main compound. The event was intended to capture the “whole” being was a great success.  Christy Gallagher, Licensed Social Worker said, “It was an excellent opportunity for the inmates to get linked with internal and external resources that they may not have otherwise been aware of or have known existed. It was a great job”.

Attendees of the health fair benefitted from health screenings, recovery services, mental health information, rehabilitation services, Medicaid services, spiritual services and other educational opportunities. More than 125 inmates received health screenings and many more received educational materials. Several attendees asked, “When is the next one”?

OSP has held health fairs in the past for the level 1 camp inmates but this was the first with the level 4 inmates in the main OSP compound. OSP reached out to the Youngstown Health Department, Neil Kennedy Outreach Center, CareSource, Kent State school of Nursing, along with several departments inside of OSP including Dental, Religious Services and Mental Health. The OSP 2016 Health Fair was a total success!

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