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Ridge Honors RiCI Employee

Ridge Honors RiCI Employee

The staff from the RIDGE program honored RICI employee Gretchen Bond.  Ms Bond is a unit secretary and RIDGE liaison at Richland Correctional Institution.  During the Richland Tyro Summit, RIDGE Director Ron Tijerina surprised Ms Bond  with the “Khelleh Konteh Vision and Innovation Award”.   The award is presented to one annual recipient for their innovation, passion, dedication, and impact within the incarceration or reform field of practice.

Gretchen’s selection is based upon her outstanding work and contributions while working with the RIDGE program.  As a staff liaison, Gretchen has demonstrated the passion for helping inmates with making better decisions and being a positive influence among their peers.  Ms Bond stresses the importance of accountability, program participation and re-connecting with family members.    The inmates in attendance for the Summit honored Gretchen with a standing ovation in appreciation for her continual efforts.

 The award was originally presented to Khellah Konteh in 2012. Mr Konte was the first Warden to invite the TYRO programs into his facility.  Mr Konte’s emphasized the value of connecting families and the importance of bringing change to reduce recidivism.   Past award recipients include Director Gary Mohr, and Regional Director Todd Ishee.

(Pictured left to right:  C.O. Dawn Hutchinson, Gretchen Bond and Elizabeth Brown, Ridge-Director of Family Programs)

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