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FMC's Remembrance Ceremony

FMC's Remembrance Ceremony

The 3rd Annual Remembrance Ceremony for eighty-two residents who transitioned during the year was held at the Franklin Medical Center.  The audience was blessed to hear the inspiring voices of the Threshold Choir.  The choir is devoted to lifting others up, to creating a place for reflection, especially for people who may be outside the traditional reaches of religion. The singers speak of the healing quality of music and the power of the human voice to soothe and to make beautiful the process of dying, which is so often accompanied by great fear.  Founder Kate Munger, says songs are “ethereal, evanescent, and mysterious” and she believes they can serve as a bridge “from the purely physical, temporal, body experience … to what lies beyond.”    

During the ceremony, the resident Stephen Ministers expressed how the bonds of compassion and care are weaved together with the dying in the development of a lasting relationship.  Many patients came to be viewed as surrogate family.   The names of the deceased were memorialized in a beautiful piece of art created by several residents and was presented to be hung in the End of Life Care Unit. 

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