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MaCI Offenders donate to Veterans

MaCI Offenders donate to Veterans

Offender group Community Stiches at Madison Correctional Institution, coordinated by Volunteer Liz Lassel donates Quilts to London’s American Legion. Madison’s “Community Stitches,” makes items by hand quilting, knitting and sewing items used for donations to charity. The American Legion’s Lady Auxiliary in London, are pictured as recipients of two donated quilts for their auction. The proceeds of will be used to purchase household items, food and gift cards for local veterans in need.

Members of the American Legion’s Lady Auxiliary Ohio Post No. 105 accepted donations from two inmate associations at Madison County Correctional Institution. From left are: Jill Boggs, Linda Stier, Liz Lassell, Rhonda Richard, Beverly Whitelow, Lisa Crain and Stephanie Cunningham. 

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