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LOCI Staff Weight Room

LOCI Staff Weight Room

London Correctional Institution recently received exercise equipment donated by the Ohio Peace Officer’s Training Academy.  A total of 25 pieces were donated to include aerobic bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, step machine, leg press, elliptical, etc.  A committee was formed and plans were made to create a weight room for staff to utilize after work hours.  Walls were painted, floors were laid, and items were purchased to enhance the work-out area.  Staff are very excited to have this area to exercise in.  Committee members include Kimberly Mockabee, Charles King, Chris Sturgeon, Chimene Harris, Bryan King, Doris Anyadoh, Cody Artis, DeCarlo Blackwell, Sara Finnell, James Fryer, Darryl Hogan, Ryan Kammer, Tabitha Killan, and Stanley Taylor.

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