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RiCI Offenders Donate Funds and Pillows for Local Youth

RiCI Offenders Donate Funds and Pillows for Local Youth

Richland Correctional Institution’s Red Cross Inmate chapter has donated 40 pillows to the Richland County Children’s Auxiliary Store. The pillows were attained as a result of past fundraiser by the group earlier this year.  In addition, the chapter also provided a check in the amount of $1,350 to the local Children’s Cupboard.   Staff from Richland County Children Services visited RiCI to receive the pillows.  Tim Harless (RCCS Director) expressed his thanks to the offenders and staff for the contribution.  Ms Pam Jones-Rembert accepted the check on behalf of Children’s Cupboard. 

ODRC institutions, like Richland Correctional are authorized to support offender groups that have authorized affiliations to recognized community organizations such as the NAACP and the American Red Cross. Authorized inmate groups provide offenders the opportunity to learn skills such as first aid and CPR.  Other efforts include, classes in anger management, parenting, and resume’ writing courses. The offenders that become members of these groups also have an opportunity to participate in other meaningful activity such as fundraisers.  

A majority of the profits raised (at least 51%) are donated back to the community each year. All approved offender groups (per agency policy) must annually donate the mandated percentage of annual proceeds to a 501C3 charitable organization each year.   In the past, these organizations have included animal shelters, Veterans’ homes, local school systems, Churches and other non-profit agencies.  In exchange the offenders are granted community service hours if they are actively involved with fundraisers that benefit tax exempt associations.

RiCI Warden, Dave Marquis stated’ “As an institution, we are always grateful for community partnerships and any opportunity to serve our area such as endeavors like this.”

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